When I look into his eyes, I see honesty. I see love. I see laughter. I see hope. I see something that I, myself, can only aspire to be, Someone who lends a hand and puts away the ropes. When I look at his smile, I see purity. I see a faith that makes it… Continue reading Mr. ASA


Irresponsible Love, This Is

Irresponsible love, this is. I have been counting on you to count on me the way that I count on you consistently. This one-way exchange is the basis of the hurt, the epitome of a substantial damage. This is a wound too deep to heal. Too unrequitable, too unrelenting, too unremitting, this is, to seal…… Continue reading Irresponsible Love, This Is

Black Like Mine

I want to fall in love with skin black like mine, A darkened beauty enameled with grace And positivity originating in the base of his spine As proof that something so pure cannot be erased. I want to empower this skin, black like mine, To speak life into elegance because words do not waste, To… Continue reading Black Like Mine

It Was Never Enough

It was never enough for you to take The good memories of us together, So you decided to taint all that is beautiful, all that was less, all that was mine, all of what was ours. It was never enough for you to box up Your belongings, your thoughts, Your needs, your desires. You had… Continue reading It Was Never Enough

The Letter, As I Found It

FEEL FREE, BE FREE Hey, lovebugĀ šŸ–¤ Nice to finally see you have a smile on your face. Glad to know that the reason you have a smile on your face is not because of him. There are so many other things to be happy about. Don't wind all your happiness in a man or anyone… Continue reading The Letter, As I Found It

Strange Solace

She retires to her room around 8:00 every night-- that way she can cry in peace. She doesn't cry into her pillow though, the way that most girls do. She lies on her back, inhales the loneliness, exhales the gloom. The tears run across her cheekbones, slide down her ears. She assumes the depth of… Continue reading Strange Solace


I lust after patience, For it is an infatuation of my own. So gracious is the memory of patience, So basic is the virtue to come. She may pace herself desirably In the presence of first cousin Time. Anticipation does not cause her eyes to wander. Eagerness does not cause her heart to race. She… Continue reading Patience

Open Your Eyes

I need you to open your eyes Because there are troubles out here that you need to see: Theft through injustice and anger that we despise And those things that make you realize that you are less than free. There are troubles centered in white tape where a body lies, Where a human was screaming… Continue reading Open Your Eyes