The Cure

We are running short of the biggest necessity of mankind. The human race is lacking a beautiful thing called love. Here in the hopeless, helpless, and troubling times, I watch the news and listen to the radio only to find that there have been more attacks, more bombings, more mass murders, other destruction and crimes… Continue reading The Cure



If you readily promise me forever, I am counting on you to break it. I am counting on you to give it all up for the sake of your saving face in front of your friends and family. You see, forever only exists in our minds. We, ourselves, decide how long forever lasts in our… Continue reading Forever

Irresponsible Love, This Is

Irresponsible love, this is. I have been counting on you to count on me the way that I count on you consistently. This one-way exchange is the basis of the hurt, the epitome of a substantial damage. This is a wound too deep to heal. Too unrequitable, too unrelenting, too unremitting, this is, to seal…… Continue reading Irresponsible Love, This Is

no. 5, no. 1

There is hope that inhabits the base of my spine Where love lives, fingers glide And I grasp that delicate life of mine. There is passion that inhabits the wholeness of my mind Where fear sleeps, dreams exist And he kisses every thought that he finds. Then there is his courage, His compassion that holds… Continue reading no. 5, no. 1

Where my Heart Is

I lean on my own intuition, not on the color of his skin Because his mind is incredible to explore and his thoughts are a comforting way to begin. I seek pleasure in the curves of his smile As he pulls me to his chest  and breathes me in, And I find hope in the… Continue reading Where my Heart Is

to leave an impact

              I know my voice has the power to impact masses Although I am a single human being in this sea of mankind. My desire shatters stereotypes like one fist to several glasses And my gun of passion kills injustices with bullets from my loaded mind. The profiling of… Continue reading to leave an impact

Break the Fall

I stretched out my hand to you for you to break the fall, But your fingers slipped from my grasp in the distance. Given a second chance, I would have risked it all again And attempted to mend whatever event caused our love to fail. It was once our love, our story, our time, But… Continue reading Break the Fall

A Home

Things fell apart so quickly that I began to wonder if they were ever together enough to fall apart in the first place. I don’t know how it happened or when, but it did. It happened. Even the thought of writing anything that resembled a poem went to hell and failed to return. I guess… Continue reading A Home

The Best Hand in the Poker Game

It was a beautiful thing that happened within. She had always wished him the best, always sent the hope that he would get every little thing that his heart desired, and then, it came to him-- boned up and without regret and in perfect harmony with his soul. What he wanted the most, what his… Continue reading The Best Hand in the Poker Game

Tell the Truth

Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth. Sheryl Louise Moller Even if it scores my soul... Tell the truth to me even if my knees give way and I fall to the floor because there is nothing I despise more than someone who strings me along on their string of lies. All I… Continue reading Tell the Truth

Ill Will

Ill will may follow you, but it will not be because I have sent it. The truth is that although your decision was absolutely shady and disappointing, I have nothing but love and respect for you. You have nothing but my consent. Feel free to move on, to make love to someone else, to let… Continue reading Ill Will


Her skin presents a danger to all who love her. It is smooth to the touch, a delicate flower that men desire, women covet. Her smile is the root of a concupiscence that causes feelings to stir, that arouses all genders of all ages of all walks of life. And she knows it. She takes… Continue reading Still

I’ll Live

It hurt, but I lived. I never wanted to know how it felt to lose him. I didn't want to remember how it felt to not have him, but now I know. Now I remember. It hurt then, but now I can see the flakes of ember between our bodies as the fire slowly dies.… Continue reading I’ll Live